Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

GaRID Organizational Structure 2016

I. Board Members:
      A. Executive Board
                  1. President, Debbie Lesser
                  2. Vice President, Amanda Tate
                  3. Treasurer, Anna McDuffie
                  4. Secretary, Meghan Cowin
      B. Members at Large
                  1. Member at Large, Richard Brumberg
                  2. Member at Large, Erika Munro
                  3. Member at Large, Rebecca Meloy

II. Committees:
      A. CMP Committee: Liaison - Anna McDuffie - Chair - Gina Catalano & Sarah Lynn Guillory

      B. Conference Planning Committee – Anna McDuffie, Anne Zimmerman, Laura Bingham, Rebecca Meloy 
      C. Membership Committee: Chair - Kelly Spell
      D. PD Committee: Liaison - Anna McDuffie - Chair – Katrina Watson
      E. Mentorship Committee:  Co-Chairs - Jennifer Moyer & Sarah Barnes
      F. Communications:
                  1. FACES Editor - Adrienne Clegg, Editor
                  2. Webmaster - Jackie Anthony
                  3. Social Media - Erika Munro

As a membership organization, the success of GaRID depends on the involvement of its members.  If you would like to serve the organization, please contact the chair of the committee or any GaRID Board Member. 

P.O. Box 4341 Valdosta, GA 31604
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